Why You Need a Good, US Immigration Law Firm

The USCIS processes more than 6 million applications each year. Most of them are requests for naturalization, temporary work permits, or permanent residency. Only a handful of these applications are successful. Moreover, the Federal government reserves the right to revoke your visa at any time if doing so is in line with the country’s laws on immigration, and in the interest of the United States.

Nothing is as difficult as dealing with the federal government and its agencies on matters that are as complex as immigration is. You cannot do it on your own. However, working through a reputable immigration law firm helps you protect your rights in addition to advancing your interests. Here is why you need a good US immigration law firm such asĀ Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys.

– The details are critical
The US has one of the most complex immigration systems in the world because millions of people are trying to get into the country. Consequently, Congress enacts legislative rules to limit the number of successful applicants. One of them is the establishment of an upper ceiling through the Immigration & Naturalization Act (INA). This Act sets a limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants annually. That is slightly above 10% of the total number of people who apply for entry into the US every year.

Can you join this coveted 10%? Yes, you can, but the details are critical. In other words, flawless documents are essential. A good immigration law firm will guide on these matters. More specifically, it will prepare you for your interview with immigration officials. It will help you gather your paperwork for presentation to these officials, and it will help you make your presentation as compelling as possible. You will know many things including what an approved petition for immigration to the US entails. You will answer vital questions convincing including the relationship between you and your sponsor.

– Corrective legal measures are critical
Sometimes, your legal status becomes uncertain after unfortunate incidents such as minor criminal behavior. The US reserves the right to revoke your visa even if the prosecuting authority drops the charges. Contacting a good immigration law firm as soon these incidents happen is an excellent idea. They will help you preserve the legal status of your visa.

The cancellation of a visa scares many holders as well. However, it does not mean that you have violated the laid-down guidelines governing your stay in the US. It could be a clerical error. For example, perhaps the visa foil indicates the wrong reason for your visit. In this case, immigration officials would cancel the visa to determine the right reason before issuing another permit.

A good law firm will advise on such matters. It will also guide on serious problems such as the cancellation or revocation of your visa because you violated the terms of your stay in the US. Sometimes, the reasons for the revocation or cancellation may be unjust and unfair. In this case, legal redress to challenge these wrongful decisions is necessary, but only good lawyers can win such cases.