Two methods on how to clean a water softener


A water softener is an important appliance for your home that is specifically designed to make hard water soft by removing minerals such as iron and replacing it with sodium. The water softener has the resin beads and the brine tank that take part in making the water soft. Therefore, your water softener needs to be cleaned from time to time to avoid the accumulation of debris that is most likely going to make the equipment ineffective. Nonetheless, cleaning the water softener is a service that you can do yourself without calling the cleaning agent. Below are two methods on how to clean your water softener or check out learn more.


Cleaning the resin beadsThe resin beads are the most important part of the water softener appliance. Without the resins, your water will not be made soft. Therefore, when cleaning the resin beads, you can either remove all the accumulated minerals and replace with sodium which is responsible for removing other minerals such as magnesium so as to make the hard water soft. Nevertheless, you can also target a specific mineral such as iron and add up an element that will dissolve the iron in the water softener that you will then easily remove by rinsing with water. You also have to pour the recommended amount of resin cleaner into the softening system. The sodium in the resin cleaner will take up all the unnecessary minerals and clean up the resin beads. Cleaning the brine tankWhen you want to clean the brine tank, you have to disconnect all pipes from the softening unit and drain all the water out of the system. Then after draining the water, you have to remove all the salt that is present in the unit. At times, the unit can have big blocks of salt. In such a situation, pour hot water into the unit so as to break the block into minute particles that you can then scoop. Then you have to make a soapy mixture and pour into the water softener.


Now scrub the unit using a handled brush. After some time of thorough cleaning, you can then discard the washing water and rinse the unit with clean water. After cleaning the water softener with soapy water, you also have to clean it with household bleach. In order to clean using the bleach, you have to mix a quarter a cup of vinegar or any other available bleach on 4-5 liters of water. Allow the mixture to settle for about 15 minutes then pour into the water softener. Then you have to thoroughly clean with the brush again and discard the water and rinse with a lot of clean water to ensure that the water softener does not retain the taste and smell of the bleach.


Finally, you have to put the softener unit together and add approximately five gallons of water. In addition, you also have to add the water softening salt into the water softener so as to be able to perform to its peak. The brine tank should at any given time be a quarter full of the softening salt so as to have increased efficiency.