The ideal beard trimmer

Well groomed facial hair arguably represents a touch of elegance and sophistication. This partly explains why beard trends remain to defy the test of time.

Specialists say that proper maintenance of a beard requires sculpting, nourishment and trimming else you falling victim skin irritation, flaky skin or bacterial infection.

That said it is imminent that every man should add a beard trimmer to their arsenal. Not just any trimmer for that case but a high quality beard trimmer that guarantees you an optimal look like the ones at

But which is the ideal beard trimmer?

According to specialists, a good beard trimmer is one that:

  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • ls user friendly
  • Trims fairly well with the beard guides both on and off
  • Maintains a reasonable duration in between charges

The above list is a just a primary guide on the basics of a good beard trimmer.

However if you are heading out to look for a beard trimmer that will serve you best, you need to pay closer attention on the following factors:

Your beard length

The purposes of the beard trimmer (Will you require to use it for shaving purposes?)

What additional features do you require?

Do you want a corded or cordless beard trimmer?

That said we get down to the main business of the day. How do you pick the right beard trimmer?

Things to look for in the right beard trimmer

1. Quality

Let’s face it the quality is what we pay for. A good quality beard trimmer should be able to offer you long years of quality service. You should therefore opt for trimmers with stainless steel blades. They are not only long lasting but also hygiene friendly.

The right quality beard trimmer is one that can easily do quick touch ups on the easy to screw zones like along the lips and thejawline.

2. Brand

The brand may as well speak loads about the quality, features and capabilities of the beard trimmer. The major brands such as; Philips, Wahl, Braun and Panasonic that have been in this market for so long are a good guarantee on quality and consistence.

Another advantage that comes from shopping from shopping for the established brands is that, you can easily get accurate information from experienced users, sellers and online reviews on their performance and quality.

3. Versatility

Many beard trimmers today are capable of performing so many diverse functions thanks to the additional features that are attached to them.

If you intend to find a beard trimmer that may as well serve other functions such as shaving the hair on your head, you just have to familiarize with the additional features they offer.

These additional features include; pop up ear trimmers, a vacuum system, turbo trimming modes, nose trimmers among others.

What additional purpose do you want it to serve?

4. Wet beard trimmers or dry beard trimmers.

Different beard trimmers are designed for use at different times or in different environments. Some beard trimmers are only designed to operate even under wet conditions. Such can be easily used during and after a shower while dry beard trimmers are limited since they are not waterproof.

However some trimmers can operate as both. This is mostly affected by your trimming time, is it after, before or during the shower?

5. Length Options

Beard trimmers come with varying adjustable combs. When picking the right beard trimmer, you should confirm that it is suited to the suitable length of your beard.

Today however, most hair trimmers come with precision trimmers that make styling and trimming much easier.

6. Cord or cordless option

This is mainly a subjective option. There are no major differences in the capabilities of cord and cordless beard trimmers. It all narrows down to your personal preference.

However before settling for a cordless beard trimmer it is important to look into its batteries capabilities. Cordless models are convenient due to their ease of use without the need to constantly connecting them to a power source.

On That Note

These are the main factors to consider in picking the right beard trimmer. The choice however remains subjective. Many factors may be applied in choosing the right trimmer but your comfort and preferences play a bigger role.