The dangers of Freon

Most of the people rely on air conditioner during the summer season to keep cool and comfortable. You can be using it either in your home or in car, most of the air conditioners, which came into the market before the year 2003 uses Freon to cool the warm air, Freon act as the refrigerator. Freon was being used initially in most of the application until when it was discovered to be the cause of ozone depletion, the ozone layer, which is the protector of the earth. Therefore, r22 is being phased out of the market and out of use

Freon is also referred to as R-22, and it is colorless gas. Manufacturing of Freon gives out some other products in the atmosphere, which are very harmful and cause global warming. Though it has the harmful effects, older appliances use it and still release the gas.

Freon is used in chest freezers and as an air conditioner. Moreover, many appliances both commercial and industrial use Freon in warehouses or cold storage and food transportation. The AC unit has coils and the compressors; the AC, which makes it very hot, compresses the R-22 gas. Moreover, when this gas passes through the coils, it is cooled to liquid form. The R-22 gas that has been cooled takes in the outside air and pushes out the cold air. This cycle is what makes your car and home comfort. A refrigerant is essential in cooling the air, and Freon was found safe when used as a refrigerant. This is because it does not contain toxic, do not corrode nor cause flames and rarely does it react and it is easier to work with. AC stops producing cold air when the coolant leaks, worst being that the leaks are harmful to the air.

Today Freon should be recovered and well recycled. Freon cannot be released to the air during any process through either service, installation of devices or when the equipment is undergoing retirement. Freon was banned from new equipment some years back, R-22 has only be given years from now to be produced or the purpose of serving older equipment otherwise you will have to remove them from recycled products.

In the future homeowners will be forced to replace the older models of their AC with products, which are friendlier to the ozone. This replacement will provide efficient heating and cool alongside decreasing your repair costs, and you will be able to save on some cash. It is advisable for anyone using the appliances with R-22 to maintain it well to minimize the effects it has on the environment until when you can replace it. Repairing the leak is better off than just topping off a leaky system. When you want to dispose of the R-22, you should do it appropriately.

Freon Ieaks do not have immediate effects on human health unless it is Ieaked heavily. When the gas is at room temperature, it reaches a state of gaseous, and when you inhale this gas, you can likely undergo suffocation, because the gas displaces oxygen in the air.