The 4Cs of Engagement rings

An engagement is a thrilling time in a person’s life. Which explains why selecting the appropriate ring is a priceless and significant decision. If your purpose is to surprise your love with an amazing ring, knowing the basics of ring shopping is an essential part of getting the desired reaction. Diamond rings, especially pertaining to engagement offer you a wide range of options.

After looking at the selection at a jewellery store, you decide it does not offer exactly what you want or like, normally a designer can help to develop a more customized appearance. Here are several other things to look for when you go out ring shopping. Many people are aware of the 4-Cs, but it can be good to review or learn about them if you’ve never heard of them before going down to the Elizabeth Diamond Company. Color, cut, clarity, and carat comprise the 4-C’s.

Diamonds actually come in several unique colours depending on how pure they are. The purest diamonds will be clear and without colour. Diamonds usually assume colouration whenever it lacks a degree of known purity. Symmetry is used to determine the quality of the diamonds cut. Cuts are analyzed for quality over many others. Clarity is used to identify and describe the level of clearness the diamond has. Sometimes impurities can cause certain spots in the diamond, and this brings down the clarity.

Carat is related to the diamond proportions. Other things to consider for diamond engagement rings is the band of the ring, specifically the type of metal used in its assembly. Usually, there will be three alternatives of metal in diamond rings, including; gold, platinum, and titanium. Many individuals view gold as a great and traditional option. If you are searching for a whitish look, platinum provides a brilliant choice.

Titanium can be a great option because not only does it have three times the strength of gold and platinum, but it is also hypo allergenic. When selecting a metal, take into account the style of the person who will be wearing the ring, along with any allergies to certain metals. Also be aware that since titanium is so strong, it will not break as easily-so take care not to jam any fingers. Design, as with any piece of jewellery is essential when selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring.

For anyone who is choosing the ring with your fiance, you may easily be able to get the design and style that will suit her best. Nevertheless, if it is your intention to surprise your fiance, then you will need to exercise special care to ensure your selection is that of something they are going to like. You should also understand that you don’t have to be limited to what the store has on hand. In many instances, if the store does not have what you are looking for as far as the perfect style, you will be able to collaborate with them to find the exact style you would like. If you have a custom ring in mind, don’t be afraid to talk to the store and work out how to get precisely what you want.

Understanding a little bit about diamond engagement rings can give you a big edge when picking one out for your special girl. Conducting the appropriate research and having a general understanding can make the number of options less mind-boggling and simplify the entire process. During your search for the perfect engagement ring, remember to consider the 4-C’s and choose the appropriate metal and style to match the desires of the wearer. With careful choices, your ring will certainly be a huge hit!