Why Luxury Villas Are Not as Expensive As you think in Cabo San Lucas

Many people have a notion that the phrase luxury means expensive. This is misinterpreted because here in Cabo San Lucas, Luxury villas are not expensive as you may think. Cabo San Lucas villas offer affordable luxury and best deals such self-catering accommodations and free Wi-Fi. The guests are additionally provided with a private balcony. Apartments are equipped with a complete air condition system, kitchen, a dining room, seating room and not to forget a satellite flat screen television. The villas also feature a hot shower bathroom, an outer door pool, and a children’s playground. Let us now see some of the best deals that make us believe that luxury villa rentals cabo san lucas are not expensive in Cabo San Lucas.

The free internet is installed in almost all areas.

Parking is nearly free with on-site private parking. You don’t need the hassle of reservation.

Room amenities
The room amenities include fans, sofa bed, marble floor, an iron and ironing facilities, trash cans and clothes rack.

The kitchen facilities are; microwave, refrigerator, oven, dining table, kitchenware and coffee machine.

The outdoor is decorated with terraces, sun deck, patio, a balcony, a barbecue, picnic area, a pool and outdoor furniture.

The bathroom contains facilities like shower, shampoo, free toiletries, and many more.

Pets are allowed on request with applicable charges.

Entertainment activities
The following facilities are available for the entertainment activities: a swimming pool, outdoor pool, bathhouse, solarium, and golf course

Children’s Facilities
All children are allowed and with one child under 16 years given a free bed service. The capacity of the extra beds in the rooms are limited.

Places of interest
Located at the tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas initially was a fishing village but later on, transformed to one of the top five destinations in Mexico. Beaches like Medano, Lover’s beach, Divorce beach, Palmilla and Playa Chileno offers tourists with exhilarating beach adventures. Visitors who plan their winter luxury vacation have an opportunity to enjoy marvelous whale vistas. Lined up with adventurous activities like horse riding, ATV biking, and unspoiled terrain, Cabo San Lucas is a place plan your daytime outdoor excursions

End your afternoon by touring the distinctive El Arco. This is an incredible landmark and famous destination in Cabo San Lucas. The three-story rock, located in the southern tip, and at the border between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean, features sea lions and an arch which is a spectacular ocean vista for many tourists. Head back to Cabo San Lucas luxury villa rental after an adrenalin rushing day and enjoy a peaceful evening at home. When the sun goes down, daytime activities and water spots dominate the day by transforming the destination into a colorful and vibrant hub of animated nightlife. Those planning to indulge in evening parties, there are several clubs and bars to please avid partygoers. From serving cocktails, champagne and buzzing live music, many tourists find Cabo San Lucas a great place to exchange a night of sleep in the luxury villas.

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By Tara King
How an Interior Designer make everything better?

Whenever we hear the word interior designer we think about a person that can build our dream home for making our life better. An interior designer today is an experienced person from the popular industry of interior designing .He is the man who creates a wonderful living place for us, and everything he does is according to our own requirements. So working on a home project there are some ways by which an interior designer make everything better for us, these are as following:

Identify the client’s need:

The first task is to ask the customer about, what they require? So that he can get the idea about the client’s imaginations his about their living place.

Create an rough plan according to the site’s location:

After taking a look at the site of work, and getting client’s requirements, the professional huntington beach interior designers builds an rough prototype or a blue print of the building according to the site locations, because considering the surrounding area make the look of a home more precious. So the designer creates a blueprint of the design that perfectly goes with the nearby area to the home.

He always thinks different:

He is a man that always thinks in a different way for designing an innovative living place that suites all the preferred needs of the client.

He constructs a plan that suites the client’s budget:

This is the quality of a good interior designer that he always create a budget fit design according to his client’s investment plan, how much the customer can puton home? He always advises his client for purchasing the best material that increases the life of the building by making it a strong beauty. Help the client for making affordable deals while buying the required material for the building. This is done by the designer’s relationship with the sales professionals from home the client buy all the needed things. But when purchases are in the designer’s duty he would prefer the best things in the given budget to beautify his clients place.

Discuss the plan with the client, and rebuild the prototype if required:

Hemade a discussion about everything to be designed for a new home or the things to be redesigned in old home to give it a new look. The discussion clears all the requirements of the client about the colors, furniture, floor and other home accessories.

Thinks about safety of the home owner:

As a builder it’s the quality as well as the duty of an interior designer to construct a beautiful as well as a strong living place which is safe for the living one’s.

Create a fully comfortable and satisfactory living place for the family:

He considers the need of the whole family, not only the elders. He keeps one thing in his mind to design a perfect piece that is fully safe and comfortable for the elders, the youngsters as well as the little ones. Every single room of the home is designed in a way so that it suits the every need of the room owner. In this way he becomes a hero for his client that builds his glowing dream house.

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By Tara King
How Much Should You Pay For A Spinning Reel

For beginners, there are several technical features that you need to know and be afraid of before you buy something. If you have a very good workout with rotating rollers, go straight to our offers. If you have some information how much should you pay for a spinning reel, you can practice economy.

Advantages of spinning reels

Light Line, Light Lures – The main advantages of spinning yarn in fresh water are an easy line and light weight that can easily support the chain. The reason for this is that the file is fixed and open, which can flow in the coil line in the form and then pass through the steering system panel. The best spinning reel also very easily throws bait and very rarely creates confusion.

Use – Rotating drums are used in most lures for live bait or agility, which makes them very popular among small bass and sunders. Small craters, needles and small crankbaits are ideal for use on an inclined comb. A test line of 6 to 10 pounds is ideal for most freshwater krill.

Perfect for all levels of experience – rotating rollers are ideal for teaching someone to throw and fish. Surgery is as simple as opening a deposit and a finger on the line and swimming in magic. As experienced lanterns, you can improve and evaluate several improved models with better functions.


If you are looking for models with rotary rollers, see the following comparison table. It is considered the best 5 rollers with the best ratio of price and performance. You cannot go wrong with these roles.

All should last many years, keeping them. If you have more time to learn more roles, go to this article to find out what role you are looking for.

Chemano Straddic Ci4

Cl4 + is one of the most expensive drums, but you get accurate and accurate work from all sides. The frame and handle are made of carbon fibre, which provide excellent strength and light weight. Due to the lack of metal parts in CM +, this is an excellent choice for use in light water.

Cl4 + F8 returned to the scoop style hook (is it a fashionable EVA foam?), But it was completely cut out to get more weight. Hooks of the rudder should reduce the number of borders, trying to find a handle after an unexpected collision.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Stradic Cl4 + is smooth and thermal friction.

Plower Supreme XT

Pflueger Supreme XT is a rare high-performance file that does not cost on any server. The upper XT is made of high quality material. The whole body is made of dizziness and side sheets of magnesium, which helps to keep the lamp head and manual balancing. The handle is made of carbon fibre composite, durable and lightweight.

Shimano Stradik FK

The role of the Shimano Stradec series has been very popular among freshwater fishermen for many years. Stradec gained this reputation thanks to its excellent mechanical design and exceptional friction system.

Abu Garcia Revo S

Our list of No. 4 Coils rated another white yarn Revo Revo SX from Abu Garcia Revo S S Revo, an inexpensive sister, but do not let this fool you, excellent coils at this price.

Shimano Semter

Shimano Semer, the younger brother of Strada. Apart from a bit less than Stradic, the performance and quality that we expect from the Shimano role are on the same level. At the price of Shimano Symetre – one of the best cards, but it does not hurt your portfolio.

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By Tara King
Applying for your SSC

What is a social security card? There are many individuals who still don’t get the idea of this social security card. In any case, it is extremely basic to have one since this is the thing that encourages each American national to get access to the taxpayer-supported organizations that they may require. That is the reason, for each community and money related exchange, these cards are constantly inquired. It fills in as a security measure to decide of your personality.

The controlling office that issues Social Security card is the Social Security Administration. It is given to each US Citizen, working inhabitants, and lasting occupants in the nation. For precision, the interesting nine digit card is issued to a specific individual, and a solitary individual is just given one card. That is the reason, the US Government can follow down individuals if the need emerges. So get a replacement from today.

It is the obligation of each SSN Cardholder to take great care of the card since substitution is given three times for every schedule year and 10 times in a lifetime. At, to begin with, the idea of SSN is for money following purposes and further an assurance of each resident from an extreme assessment gathering.

In many applications, schools, clinics, businesses, and bank with the goal for them to file such record to be fused with the card constantly ask the social security card. By then, it will likewise be a reference for your urban and individual record. Fundamentally, this has turned into the all-inclusive identification of each individual in the United States.The concept of social security card lies its boundaries from the 196os where The us army made it compulsory for each us citizen. That way, they will instantly identify who the individual was, the place he lived, and if there should be an occurrence of death, which the promoters are. Having a social security card is a kind of a card that renders your lifestyle in the US so natural.

Applying for the social security card

There are some requirements one has to meet in order to be a social security card. Most importantly, while getting a Social Security Card it will be arranged to an unhindered card – this is given to a man, resident of the US that is permitted to apply for work and the essential advantages of the SSN. It is trailed by confined card is issued to individuals who are working lawfully in the United States but are not a subject.

Be that as it may, they are supported by another resident. So, they have their terms that are constrained by law. Last is the Non-Work Card – in the US it is constantly required to have a Social Security Card but Social Security Card is Necessary. This applies to the H4 or guest visa holder who isn’t permitted to work in the US.


It is now clear that there are many uses, benefits, and areas where social security card is a perfect partner .if you’re in the US it is now an obligation to have it in order to access the accompanying benefits.

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By Tara King
Dangers of Not Having Business Insurance That Cost You A Lifetime

Many small business owners mistakenly consider that they don’t need business insurance. Commonly, people consider that business risk only applies to big companies.Though it may be true for some reasons, newly built company owners should never take the importance of having business insurance for granted. Business risks are devastating with different levels. Smaller companies are not less risky than the bigger ones. Some common risks that both small and big companies face include:

– Natural disaster
– Property damage, due to crime attacks or fire
– Data loss

Those are only a few samples of risk that all kinds of business may face. This is the main reason, why there are dangers of not having business insurance.

Top Things to Consider
The bigger the companies are, the higher coverage that they should choose. But, it doesn’t mean that smaller companies cannot opt for similar coverage as big companies do. Basically, business insurance covers protection for assets, human resources, and the property of the a company. Smaller companies prefer to choose the lower-cost package that meets their needs. Unfortunately, some newly built business owners take the importance of having a business insurance for granted, as they consider that business insurance may ruin their budget management. The fact is that some small companies have no idea of the risks of not having business insurance at Those risks include:

Financial loss
There are factors that cause financial loss, such as natural disaster and unexpected tragedies. Business insurance from reputable companies guarantee total coverage for such

Physical Injury
It applies to newly built companies, particularly when they are still in the process of building their own office. Workers need to get total protection against injuries. Business owners, who ignore this matter, are breaking the law.

Property Damage
It doesn’t apply on the business’ own property, but also others. Fire attack can cause collateral damage to the nearby buildings. A company owner can lose more money than they should spend for its business insurance, when it has to pay for the property damage that attack buildings around it.

Business Insurance Website Directory Helps
Some business owners may find some difficulties in making comparisons among several choices, as they don’t have much time in comparing features that each business insurance company offers. Checking website directories of business insurance companies is very helpful.

Hiring a reputable business insurance broker is also the best solution, because brokers are working independently, instead of business insurance agents. Brokers can provide some options that meet the needs and budget of business owners. Brokers usually work for world-class companies, in which their advice is strongly needed, based on the company’s flexible needs of choosing the right insurance coverage.

It is easy to conclude that business owners can spend higher for claims of the aforementioned risks, than the cost of the business insurance plans that provide beneficial coverage for their business. It is true that nobody expects an accident. But, protecting the business is the wisest thing that all company owners should do, instead of suffering from the greater loss that they might have not expected before.

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By Tara King
Benefits of Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Dental Restorations help bring back your youthful bright smile. It mainly deals with teeth alignment and bridging of gaps in your teeth. It also takes care of damaged teeth, crowned, decayed or stained teeth. Out of dental restoration procedures come at least five benefits as outlined below.

1. Helps Get Rid of Discomfort in Your Dental Cavity

Accidents do happen and sometimes they may result in a chipped or cracked tooth. If such a problem occurs, you will go for dental restorations which will help reduce discomfort. People who have tooth decay experience severe pain which can be eliminated using dental crowns and other dental restoration procedures. Bonding is a technique which helps reduce tooth sensitivity and discomfort while eating. Root canal and dental crowns procedures helps in the treatment of infected teeth.

2. Improved Dental Structure.

The loss of a tooth causes the dental structure to weaken and deteriorate. Dental implants usually help in the betterment of oral health. The implants also help in maintaining the integrity of the structure of your jawbone. Implants bond with gums and as a result the bond improves the jaws’ bone structure and durability.

3. Durable Dental Solutions

The materials used in dental restorations are durable and long lasting because the process involves the use of porcelain and ceramic crowns. If you have a broken tooth, you risk gum infections. Dental implants help reduce the risk of gums infection. As mentioned earlier, dental implants strengthen your jawbone which is a good solution for the elderly.

4. Refreshed Teeth Appearance

Dental restorations improve dental appearance. Once you get rid of a broken, rotten or missing tooth and replace the tooth with an implant, your smile improves a great deal. If you are not okay with a dental implant, the alternative solution is the use of a dental crown. A dental crown matches with your tooth in color making it less notable. When you smile no one will notice that you have a dental crown.

5. Offer a Convenient Solution

In General, dental restorations result in improved oral health. Implants helps get rid of discomfort when chewing and they also prevent cavities. Dental bridges eliminate the problem where food gets stuck in between teeth. Sometimes the toothbrush may fail to remove the food particles and if they remain there, they pose a threat to oral hygiene. For elderly people, dentures present a better solution compared to crowns or implants. The reason for this is that a denture can replace a number of teeth whereas implants and crowns can only replace one or two teeth.

Dental restoration works better than teeth removal where you end up with a missing tooth or teeth. When you visit the dental clinic, the dentist should advice you on the most suitable dental restoration procedure depending on the nature of your dental problem.

Dental health is an integral part of our lives. We need to take good care of our oral health by brushing, flossing and caring for our teeth. Good oral health helps improve our personal image, boost confidence and contributes to a better life. If you need dental restoration, consult a qualified dental physician as soon as possible.

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By Tara King
The importance of having a good wedding photographer.

A photograph is a day stored. Nothing beats a perfect memory that is as vivid as the day it happened. Decades can happen in a single day, and the best way to equip one’s self for such a day is by having a good photographer from Darwin wedding photography on your wedding day.

There is no day that engraves memories in every heart than a wedding day. I always smile at the look on my mother’s face when she looks back at the images of her wedding back in the early 90’s. I can barely associate any of the blur faces to either my mother nor my father let alone other relatives. These images bring back memories to her, but the problem is what can I pick out of them? The feeling she gets, why is it not mutual for both of us? The answer is very crystal clear, I do not blame her but the man behind the camera.

The importance of having a good wedding photographer on ones wedding does not have short term benefits but survives for generations. Had my mothers wedding images been so clear, I would have been more thrilled to look at them over and over again. A good photographer will capture every detail of the wedding event. From that one guy who danced his fit off to the individual who ate as if they were eating for two. Imagine the laughter it would bring to have that golden moment captured.

A good photographer would have the moment when you had that perfect smile on picture. It is the dream of every woman to have a perfect wedding, but funny enough they all cry when the day finally comes. The importance of having a good wedding photographer is that they will capture that golden tear as it trickles down one’s cheeks. Nothing can be more cherished than that one moment when ink and card right a chapter of history that should never be missed, a photograph.

It would be injustice to mention the importance of having a good wedding photographer without mentioning the fact that they create a treasure that one can pass-down to their offspring. You may explain how much fun the day could have been, but without the picture, it amounts to nothing. You may try to explain to your daughter how beautiful their mother looked but without the beauty being exposed in hard copy image, it sums to nothing. The tale of how much you built the pride of your parents, without the evidence of the picture remains a fairy-tale, it probably never happened. A good wedding photographer is there to capture the for the next generation the moments happening now. They store the day happening now in print, picture. If ever you want your children and the generations to follow to appreciate you, and your achievements, get yourself a good wedding photographer

Would I be wrong to tell you that the importance of having a good wedding photographer, may be equal in weight to that of the Priest? Would it be wrong to say the first wedding invitation should be sent to your wedding photographer? Food for thoughts, choice is yours take it or leave it.

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By Tara King
An introduction to FPGA

1. What is a FPGA?

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) is maybe the development of innovation as we enter the new age. To get a brighter vision, we should first clarify what a Micro Processor is. A Microprocessor is programming that actualized on a silicon wafer by methods for adjust transistor associations. At the end of the day, a straightforward direction in get together [ADD EAX, oxo4], which adds 4 to the EAX enroll, is close to a charge which is perused by the processor (the product actualized on a silicon wafer), and executed after.

Because of their inclination, processors execute orders in a successive way; you can puts the same number of orders as you wish on a capacity, and request that your processor read the capacity and execute them one-by-one. This leads into a profitable undertaking being done, for example, booting a PC, or demonstrating your working framework on your screen, take a look at other use-cases at

So you may ask what a FPGA is. A FPGA is a silicon wafer, which can have up to a few hundred thousand advanced Cells. Every cell can perform basic errands, for example, including 2 bits, keeping 8 bits (going about as a little RAM) or going about as a little multiplexer, decoder or a few entryways. Notwithstanding, at first they are not associated with each other. Your part, as an equipment build, is to outline a program that charges every cell what assignment to perform, and furthermore interface them to different cells in the right request. FPGAs are programmable, and their interconnection will mold in view of your outline. They should be modified each time on startup, since a large portion of them can’t hold their design after shut down, as they utilize RAM innovation.

A decent illustration can be the human mind. The human cerebrum does not have a focal processor, but rather forms information in parallel way, including trillions of neurons (compares to Digital Cells in FPGAs) who take an interest in a great many different assignments in the meantime. Every Neuron can play out a little undertaking, yet when trillions of them cooperate, they effortlessly beat world quickest supercomputers.

As we specified, a FPGA can have up to a few hundred thousand computerized cells. This enables you to make 100 multipliers, that each can demonstrate the duplication of two numbers in the meantime. This is the very idea of FPGAs; the capacity to perform boundless assignments in parallel, something that can’t be accomplished in processors, as they can execute guidelines one-by-one out of a consecutive way.

2. FPGA versus ASIC

ASIC (Application Specified Integrated Circuit) is a silicon wafer that has the program effectively hard-coded inside. Close to FPGAs (and CPLDs), all le that you see are ASle. They are static and can’t be reconstructed. FPGAs themselves can be considered as ASle that were configuration to be programmable. One of the focal points ASle hold over FPGAs, is their working velocity. Since their interconnection are not dynamic (they are as of now settled and can’t be transformed), they don’t confront association delays as FPGAs do. On the drawback, fabricating an ASIC can be an extremely costly process (27OK$ for instance), where a FPGA can be gotten anyplace between 20$ to 10,000$.

Obviously, an ASIC can be less expensive than the proportionate FPGA once in large scale manufacturing. In this way, FPGAs are perfect for improvement cycle, low-end applications or military-review application where valuing isn’t an issue.

3. Who makes the FPGAs in the present market?

There are a few sellers that grasp most of the market.

Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattice, QuickLogic and Achronix (Specialized in fast FPGAs). Xilinx and AItera are the primary makers. You can discover their le on EBay, Digikey, Arrow and other major electronic wholesalers. An advancement unit is dependably a decent place to begin and l exceedingly prescribed them in the event that you have no past involvement with these chips.

4. How might you compose programs in FPGA?

FPGA programs are called HDLs (Hardware Description Language). It is altogether different than the typical code you may havejust observed. FPGA coding required parallel-programming learning and broad involvement in Digital Design. VHDL and Verilog are the fundamental dialects used to make applications in this innovation. You can look for their instructional exercise on Google, and rest guaranteed, you will discover many.

I trust this article helped making things all the more clear for you as you move in this way. This innovation is an absolute necessity knows for each equipment or electronic specialist as it will be the eventual fate of computerized hardware, and as I would like to think, there will be a FPGA incorporated into each motherboard later on, to empower cutting edge virtual products use their huge handling power. I have had just about 8 years of involvement with this innovation, and delighted in making something new regular with it, as making is my obsession.

Nasser Ghoseiri is a 25 year old Hardware, Digital, Electronic and Telecomm build with 12 years of designing foundation. He has been dynamic in Defense, Bio-Instruments and business applications. He lives in Paris today, working for a vehicle organization. A standout amongst the most troublesome parts he can possibly imagine has been clarifying how it was feasible for a 17 year old individual to be a senior architect in a bio-instruments venture.

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By Tara King
How can a tax attorney help you?

With so many ways of filing our returns nowadays, online filing being one of the ways to fill in the tax returns, we may tend to be clever when it comes to filing returns properly. We also tend to forget that the tax codes were made by the expert who are professional in their job. That is when you wake up one morning to receive an audit notice or even a court summon being accused of tax fraud. This can put in jail for many years and that is when you a tax attorney to help you most. Here is a few things a tax attorney can do for you.

1. He/she tries as much to keep you out of jail

Federal tax penalties might even put you to jail for many years if not taken serious. Tax fraud or cheating in filing tax returns is a big tax offence that might put in a lifetime of half of your life in prison. A tax lawyer ensures that you do not stay in jail just for a tax offence and instead he/she tries to figure to figure out how you will stay out of jail while he/she tries to differentiate an honest mistake and a dishonest tax filing mistake. Get one now

2. He/she responds to an audit call and collection notices

If the tax agency wants some help especially if you them money, clarification on the amount can be done with the aid of a tax attorney. Sometimes, dealing with myriad tax tools, interviews and notices on tax collection can be hectic. While it is also possible that an error might occur during calculation for money that you the tax agency. This you can realise it on your own unless a professional trained person figure it out for you and that is when you need the tax attorney the most,

3, Structuring and navigating confusing tax documents

There are so many tax form publications, which are incomprehensible and confusing at the same time. A tax attorney lays out from listing your rights as tax compliant, to list of deduction in appropriate and more understanding manner for you. He also ensure that loop to future error are seal completely. He/she also make sure that all legal procedures are put into considerations when you are filling your income tax returns.

4. Figure out self-employment and business taxes

Individual businesses and self employment jobs are taxed differently from corporations. How much was your last annual stock value? Did you work from home? How big is your self-employment? All this questions requires accurate and reliable answer, but do you have the answers by yourself? Then you need a tax attorney to help answer them because he/she is a professional in this field.

5. A tax attorney will advise you on how to lower your future taxes

Having worries on how our future taxes will look like is difficult to handle on our on. A tax lawyer will brief on what to do and avoid in order to pay less taxes in future. Helshe draw away all our worries.

In general, A tax attorney is the most important person when we need tax help because helshe is capable of keeping you out of jail in case you are accused of tax fraud and other related tax-offence, responding to all calls of tax audit, notices and interviews, navigating confusing tax documents, giving advise on how to lower future taxes, and finally figuring out individual business tax.

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How to take care of your lawn

Admit it, you have occasionally, or quite regularly – depending on your neighbourhood, passed by a well-manicured lawn and subconsciously found yourself doing a double take on it, haven’t you? You have also probably thought about how you can make yours just as good. Well then, this article is for you.

Lawn care is one of those subjects whose results can be breathtakingly amazing but not so much about the process of achieving them. While many people would wish to have that lush green carpet adorning the compound of their homes, offices hotels etc. a majority are not big fans of the effort that goes into achieving that splendid result. As any seasoned gardener from will tell you, buried beneath that inviting thing of beauty is an unadulterated spirit of hard-work and commitment coupled with a matching degree of meticulousness. So, before you can transform that fancy idea of a cute lawn into reality, you should first be ready to get down and dirty, but fret not, because when you put your mind to it you’ll actually find yourself enjoying the process. Let’s get down to business.
Avoid compaction. When the grass is compacted, it doesn’t grow well. It needs some breathing space and that’s exactly what we’re going to give it. You can easily achieve this aeration by using a garden fork. Just push it into the ground and then rock it back and forth to loosen up the soil and to catalyze new growth.

Fill in the bare patches. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for uniformity. And those patches sure do look ugly, don’t they. Patch them up. When you’re reshaping your lawn, collect the chopped off strips and grow them inside a seed tray. To do the patchwork, cut out a regular patch from your turf to create ample space for replacement. Now gently lay in the new turf and press it down firmly to ensure that it is the same level as the existing one.

Watering. This one is easy. During the summer, use a sprinkler on your lawn preferably in the evening as you occasionally move it from one location to another. Watering is especially helpful for young lawns, though the more mature lawns also need some watering especially during summer.

Edging. You can use a half moon edger or a sharp pair of shears to neatly mark out the edges of your lawn. This will make your garden neat and give it a nice and clean finish.

Feeding. Apply fertilizer to your lawn when rain has been forecast so that the water can wash down the minerals and nutrients to the roots. If it doesn’t rain after you have applied the fertilizer, hydrate the lawn to prevent the grass blades from getting burnt by the fertilizer.

Weeding. Mowing and feeding your lawn regularly is an efficient way to deal with those annoying weeds like dandelions and plantains. You can also use a hand trowel to manually remove the weeds if your lawn is not too large. Avoid using chemicals as a way of dealing with the weeds unless as a measure of last resort.

Mowing. You should mow the lawn roughly once per week during summer and once every fortnight during the winter, spring and autumn seasons. Always ensure that your mower is maintained properly and that the blades are well sharpened. You should mow the lawn a bit longer during summer, approximately 5 – 10 cm to make it less susceptible to the hot weather.

So the next time you see you neighbour casting an evil glance at you for stepping on their lawn, don’t be too quick to judge them, you know what it has cost them. Happy gardening.

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By Tara King